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Adult Services

Health Works NSW assists people by supporting them to complete activities which they both need and want to carry out on a daily basis. This may be in the form of daily care or carrying out a job or hobby.


Rehabilitation and OT Assessment

Health Works NSW works with insurers, employers and key stakeholders to deliver Return to Work and Employment outcomes for workers in the Central West. We provide work for National rehabilitation providers for workers compensation claims.


Paediatric Services

An Occupational Therapist (OT) can help your child to do the things they need to do. At Health Works NSW we work closely with families and other health practitioners to identify barriers and also identify strengths.


Corporate Services

Health Works NSW provides a full range of Corporate Services including pre-employment medicals, ergonomic assessments, manual handling training, driving assessments, and case management.


Pre-Employment – Drug and Alcohol Testing

Loss of productivity through workplace injury and non-fitness is a serious issue for all businesses. The aim of conducting pre-employment medicals, drug and alcohol testing is to screen out high risk staff to assist organisations to be prepared. Both psychological and physical injuries in the workplace can be costly.


Case Management

Health Works NSW supports people within their home, work and community to reach their goals. Our focus is on ensuring all team members and treating professionals are on the same page and listening to what the person and family wants.


Driving Assessments

Health Works NSW provide both on-road and off-road assessments of driving. These tests are performed when your Medical Practitioner requests that you have an Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment. The Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment is recognised by the RMS (Road and Maritime) as an assessment of driving ability for the purpose of holding a Driver’s License.


Disability Services

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the new way of providing funding for disability support for eligible participants. This is a revolutionary initiative for anyone living with a disability or supporting someone living with a disability. The NDIS is all about the individual and helping them to get the most out of what they want in life. Whether it be getting a job, pursuing a passion, getting a new wheelchair or wanting to become more independent, Health Works NSW will work with you to focus on your individual needs and aspirations to find the right solution for you as part of your plan, on your terms. If you have an NDIS Plan, please contact Health Works to discuss how we could provide person-centred services as part of  your plan.

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